Christina was really beautiful. Also a blonde with bright blue eyes, sensual slightly puffy lips, her breasts protruded from under the lighthouse (the size is not less than the second), and very slender legs. But even all these charms were not the main thing, most of all I was fascinated by her smile, it was impossible to look away from her. By the way, as I later found out, at the time of these events, Christina was already 18 years old.
Sometimes I felt how she either accidentally, or deliberately hurts me with her leg under the table. At these moments, I really wanted to take this leg and gently stroke it.
The curtain in the bathroom was slightly ajar from the back, he saw Ksyusha gently masturbating with her right hand, it was an intriguing sight, Igor carefully left the bathroom and went to the living room where he turned on the TV.
When I opened my eyes in the morning, I looked at the clock. It was the beginning of the eighth. Footsteps were heard in the corridor. Then the voice of Jessica, who woke up her daughters. I looked around. Kylie was sleeping next to me. Her small, round and tender ass, like a peach, peeked out a little from under the blanket, which she wanted to gently bite. The girl was wearing white underwear. I lay completely naked with a morning boner. Damn it! Jessica wakes up her daughters, so she will come here too! And I'm lying naked with a boner, and next to me in bed lies her half-naked daughter, who is barely 18 years old! I grabbed a blanket and quickly covered myself and Kylie almost to the neck. There was a knock at the door. Under the thin blanket, my boner was perfectly visible. That's why I turned on my side. Ivan squeaked from such news, he had long wanted to knock wedges to Vika, but said that he was waiting for the right moment.
“Imagine, Slava, I fucked Vika the same day, she built everything out of herself, you know, but in fact there was a virgin,” Ivan began his story. - We went to that place, at the beginning of the city, you remember I said that I saw that our friend Vitka was fucking some kind of whore there every week. It's really a no-nonsense place. And in the end, she herself offered a blowjob, and then I was already between her legs. Uff, I will repeat soon, - Ivan finished his story.
Further conversation was conducted in the same spirit. Lyudka suffered, I reassured her. While reassuring, young people came. Faces are happy, full. And stomachs are hungry. They shouted from the gate, demanding grub. He patted Lyudka on the pope and invited him to run in the evening. My wife and daughter stayed in the city today, there is a place and time.
Did you mean to say "dab your boobs"?
The dialogue would be obviously strange and ridiculous. She took off her shoes and went somewhere deep into the apartment.
Rom, are you nervous?